What is a Candle House

Imagine a Clayworks Candle House as a little ceramic house, church, cottage, flower shop or maybe a cappuccino-drinking dragon that you can put a candle inside. Think of it like a small, or large cute, grand or whimsical decoration for your home. That changes as the sun goes down. If you have a style, we likely have a candle house (or t-lite holder) for you…we created them!

Here's how it works:

1. **Place the Candle**: Put a small candle inside the house like a tea light. There's usually an opening at the back or bottom where you can easily place the candle.

2. **Light the candle, or in the case of the battery-operated tea light, turn it on**: If you wish to use a scented candle, that will add to the experience.

3. **Watch the Glow**: As the candle flickers, the light shines through the windows and doors of the little house, creating a cozy, glowing effect. It makes the house look like it's lit up from the inside, almost like there's a warm fire or lights on the inside.

These candle houses are a lovely way to add a bit of charm and a warm glow to any room, especially in the evening or during colder months.

Like we said, "We created them!" World-renowned artist Heather Goldminc first came up with the idea on a chilly night in her native Canada. She tells the story of how, at home on an island just off the coast of British Columbia, the power would often go out because of the weather. So, in her studio, she created little ceramic cottages that could be placed along a path to light their way around the yard. As she made more and more designs, they grew into a collection. So here we are today with Clayworks Candle House, collected worldwide in every style you could think of. But they all started with one dedicated to her Mother, Duff. Duff's Place was the very first Clayworks Candle House created, and Heather and her Mother still create and live on the island today.

Once you purchase your first candle house or receive one as a gift, you become a part of a particular group that collects and shares something that will become a focal point in your decorating more than you know. Whether you have pieces that are on display all year or one or a collection that comes out only on holidays, you've just discovered something special.

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