Meet Heather Goldminc

World-renowned clay artist from B.C., Canada. Heather's cute and whimsical style of ceramic and clay art is known around the world and is considered an artist to collect pieces from.

The Creative Minds Behind Our Ceramic Tabletop Products Collection

The Blue Sky brand is unique due to our partnerships with creative people. The Artist we work with trust us to bring their creations to life. We strive to do just that.

Our most prolific artist is Heather Goldminc. Blue Sky and Heather and her Clayworks creations have been together for 20 years.

What an amazing 20 years it's been.

It’s been a meandering and whimsical span of time that Heather Goldmincs’ Clayworks has brought joy to everyone that has seen her creations. Whether it joyful witches, avant-garde bunnies or houses that glow no matter the season. Clayworks has a way of making you look a second or third time, of discovering some little detail you had never notice years after the first time you brought it into your home.

After hundred’s of pieces have been created and marking the 20th anniversary, it seems only fitting to take a look at how all this started.

For ceramic artist Heather Goldminc, inspiration flows from the natural surroundings of her Canadian West Coast home - where she experiences four impressive seasons - the heat of summer, the freshness of spring, the coziness of winter and the vibrancy of fall - the flora and the fauna plays key roles in her creations.

But where did all this artistry spring from?

The memorable moment that wound up shaping her life and career came at the age of five. One day, her mother, Duff, brought home a bag of clay which instantly captured her interest. As she recalls it, the stuff was cold, wet, gray, and musty – hardly a material to inspire a young girl. However, this raw lump of clay would soon become a reflection of her soul, dancing through her dreams until given life by her hands.

Growing up in North Vancouver, B.C., with her brothers and sisters, she was inspired by a wealth of life experiences, including being a competitive Highland dancer. Working her way through art school, Heather juggled jobs as a dance instructor and retail sales but working with clay was always part of her life. After a while, she began to sell her products to local gift stores and galleries, absolutely thrilled that her creations gave joy to so many people.

For Heather, it is a tremendous privilege and a dream come true to see her work in the homes of people all over the world, touching the hearts of so many.

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