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Butter Dishes

9 products

  • Lemon Butter Dish

    Lemon Butter Dish

    This Clayworks Lemon Butter Dish brings a flash of color to your dinner table. Dimension: 7.5" x 5" x 4.375" The butter dish is blue with lemons on it. Limited Stock. Act Quickly.


  • Zebra Butter Dish

    Zebra Butter Dish

    This Zebra Butter Dish, like the others, is a classic butter dish shaped like a zebra. The butter dish can hold a normal size stick of butter. Limited Stock. Act Quickly. Knife not included. Dimension: 7.5" x 4.75" x 5.75"


  • Octopus Butter Dish

    Octopus Butter Dish

    This Clayworks Octopus Butter Dish puts your personality onto your dinner table. Dimension: 6.75'' x 4.75'' x 5'' The butter dish is shaped like a red octopus. Limited Stock. Act Quickly.


  • Flamingo Butter Dish

    Flamingo Butter Dish

    This flamingo designed butter dish is just the right touch of flair to add to your bright kitchen. This 6.25'' x 4.5'' x 6.25'' pink flamingo butter dish will replace your old, boring butter dish in a flash. Limited Stock. Act Quickly.


  • Rhino Butter Dish

    Rhino Butter Dish

    This Rhino Butter Dish speaks for itself. The butter dish is shaped as a Rhinoceros and holds standard size butter sticks. Limited Stock. Act Quickly. Dimension: 7.5'' x 4.75'' x 4''


  • Giraffe Butter Dish

    Giraffe Butter Dish

    This Giraffe Butter Dish is a little flair of character for a sometimes bland dinner set. The butter dish is shaped like a giraffe and holds a normal size stick of butter. Limited Stock. Act Quickly. Knife not included. Dimension: 7.75" x 5" x 6.75"


  • Elephant Butter Dish

    Elephant Butter Dish

    This Elephant Butter Dish brings your dinner table to life! Dimension: 8.25" x 5.25" x 4" The butter dish is 4″ tall. Limited Stock. Act Quickly.



    Crab Butter Bowl

    This Crab Butter Bowl crawled straight from the beach to serve you butter. Dimension: 7'' x 5'' x 5'' Limited Stock. Act Quickly.


  • Last stock! Pumpkin Butter Dish

    Pumpkin Butter Dish

    5 in stock

    This Clayworks Pumpkin Butter Dish is the perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving feast. Limited Stock. Act Quickly.

    5 in stock


Butter Dishes

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